A message from Bill, experience tells me that people do not have to spiral down to the dark depths of despair to seek help from addiction. I never meet an addict that enjoyed being an addict. They just don't know how to stop. Many of them don't even realize how bad it is due to the distorted reality addiction creates. The family is usually the most motivated to pursue and attempt to reach out and intervene.The problem they struggle with is their own issues of guilt, shame and fear. Most families have been fractured and are usually extremely angry with the addict. Sometimes you only get one chance to intervene. That's why it's a good idea to get a professional involved. During the last 20 years I have facilitated many Interventions. The methods and approaches may have changed but the ultimate goal still remains the same. Get the addict into treatment. This is the short version. My approach is to get everyone involved healthier. When I facilitate an Intervention everyone involved will have treatment recommendations and I follow up with all the participants. Long term recovery is the goal for all participants

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To provide caring and compassionate Intervention and Consulting services for clients and their families.

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